Week 36

Week 35

The roll-out is approaching! This emotional highlight, during which all teams present the results of their 9 months of hard work, motivates us to present our project in the best light. Because a picture says a thousand words, and these are now preferred in moving format, we spent the last few days concentrating on filming. Whether with a drone, our own camera or in the photo studio, we have always attempted to present our “Dipper” in a good light. But back to the technical aspects of our project. Whether in flight, underwater or during water ingress / egress our system is now showing a good figure. That’s why we can spend the next few days focussing on dynamics and tuning.

Anyone who has been following the project for the last 9 months, would like to ask a few questions, or simply wants to watch cool videos is invited to our roll-out presentation on the 28th of May. More information is available here.

Week 34

This week the focus project “Dipper” once again utilized our greatest strength – agile development and 3D printing. These two factors have enabled us to react quickly and improve our prototype on short notice. The speed of an iteration cycle was once again proven this week. Our day began like many others with a test flight, which sadly led to an unfortunate failure. A short video analysis identified the folding mechanism as the source of the failure – too much play in the structure. At the end of the day a new prototype mechanism was lying on the table. This was optimized over the next 4 days with respect to loading, weight and stability and finally constructed. Not even a week after our aggressive landing the new folding mechanism was validated in flight.

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